What do Muses do?

Share products you love

Spread the word about Musely's products on social media and receive 20% on all sales

Create tips and share advice

By creating popular tips on Musely, Muses can get up to a $20 reward to spend or cash out

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Being a Muse is not just about selling products, it's also about living healthy and getting others to do the same

How do you become a Muse?

  • Have 500 Followers

    Current Follower Count: 4

    You must have at least 500 followers and friends on Facebook

  • Made 3 Popular Tips

    Current Popular Tip Count: 0

    Poplar tips are tips that have at least 10 likes

  • Made 3 Sales from Shares

    Current Sales Count: 0

    You have had to make at least 3 sales from your social media shares