Amaranthum Restorative Comforting Set

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      What it is

      The Restorative Comforting Set is designed especially for sensitive skin, which provides nutrition to skin cells and enhances skin resistibility.
      Cellular Regenerative Day Cream moisturizes the skin while adding nutrients to promote cell metabolism. It increases the skin cell elasticity, leaving your skin feeling strong, invigorated, and luminous.
      Moisturizing the skin while improving sensitive skin allergic reactions, Cellular Comforting Night Cream increases the skin cells elasticity, and works to eradicate rashes, redness, and allergies by thickening the skin; ultimately, improving these conditions.
      Included in the set:
      Cellular Regenerative Day Cream (30ml)
      Cellular Comforting Night Cream (30ml)

      Key benefits

      - Moisturizing
      - Promotes cell merabolism
      - Increases skin cell elasticity
      - Improves skin allergic reactions
      - Eradicates rashes, redness, and allergies

      How to use

      Every morning, apply a pearl-sized amount of day cream on the face and neck, after having used both toner and serum. Pat skin lightly in order to get faster absorption.
      Every night, apply a pearl-sized amount of night cream on the face, after having used Gentle Facial Cleanser. Pat skin lightly in order to get faster absorption.

      Sold & Fulfilled
    • - Sophora flavescens
      - Panax Notoginseng
      - Rhodiola Sacra

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    4.5/5 (8)
    Amaranthum Restorative Comforting Set
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