Zero Calorie Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack (12 bottles, 4oz each)

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    Product Information

    • Details
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    • What it is

      Zero-Calorie, All-Natural Cocktail Mixer. Enjoy a better tasting and better-for-you cocktail or mocktail.

      3 Flavors: Ginger Lime, Cucumber Mint, Margarita

      Key benefits

      Zero Calories

      Zero Sugar


      How to use

      One 4oz. bottle of Be Mixed + one shot of liquor = the perfect cocktail. Or, get creative with one of our recipes: Swap out the liquor for club soda if you prefer a mocktail!

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    • What else you need to know

      "Happy hour just got happier, thanks to these gluten-, preservative-, sugar-, calorie-, and essentially guilt-free cocktail mixers." -Oprah Magazine 

      "A health-conscious drinker's nirvana" -Well + Good


      4 oz


      7 oz

      Made in:


    Customer Ratings
    4.6/5 (5)
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