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    blendSMART2 New Starter Set with Travel Case, Rose Gold

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    • What it is

      blendSMART is the first rotating makeup brush that delivers a flawless finish regardless of your skin type, makeup brand or skill level.

      Key benefits

      190 RPM rotation delivers consistent, flawless coverage. The all-in-one brush has interchangeable brush heads that distribute less makeup for a more natural coverage while reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores.

      How to use

      Apply your makeup using less than you normally use

      Shop Brand Directly Cruelty Free Vegan
    • What else you need to know

      The Limited Edition Rose Gold Starter set with a complimentary travel case offers the same patented motorized applicator and premium foundation brush head with a new feminine color. Part of the blendSMART2 collection, the interchangeable brush head spins at 190 RPM for flawless, effortless makeup application. Achieve easy pro-blending results and enjoy a matching travel case that holds up to 3 brush heads. This handle is compatible with all blendSMART2 magnetic brush heads.
      Inspired by makeup tools that revolutionize your routine, blendSMART created the blendSMART2 rotating makeup applicator.


      1 pair


      9 oz

      Made in:


    • Handle: 70% ABS Plastic 25% Metal (Steel) 5% Brass- Brush Head: 30% ABS Plastic 70% PBT Synthetic Fibers (Polybutylene terephthalate ) OR Combined: 70% ABS Plastic 10% Metal (Steel) 2% Brass 18% PBT Synthetic Fibers (Polybutylene terephthalate )

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