iderma Youth Restoring Masque

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    Product Information

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    • What it is

      Your skin is not only the largest organ in your body- it's a protective, self-repairing machine that quite literally DEFINES you. Unfortunately, as we age that machine slows down and becomes less efficient: your skin becomes less elastic and supple, tone becomes more uneven, fine lines start to appear and, before you know it, you're not just getting're aging. If you're gradually seeing an older-looking stranger in the mirror or are just tired of "looking tired", it's time to fight back with the iderma Youth Restoring Masque.

      The iderma uses gentle red and infrared light to stimulate your skin cells and help reverse the visible signs of aging with no drugs, expensive office visits or invasive procedures. All it takes are a few quick & easy, hands-free treatments per week in the comfort and privacy of your home to see a more radiant, youthful-looking you.

      Key benefits

      The iderma’s patented Derma-Pulse Technology™ uses 128 total visible-red and invisible infrared LEDs that bathe your entire face with gentle, therapeutic light while paying particular attention to those "problem areas" around the eyes as well as the nose, mouth and upper cheeks. The iderma is hands-free for maximum results with minimal effort, with no special technique to learn or the long, tedious “spot treating” seen with handheld LED products. That's why people using iderma for just 8 minutes three times per week say they're getting compliments on their fresher, more youthful-looking skin in only 30-60 days.

      In fact, we're so confident in what the iderma can do that we offer a full Satisfaction Guarantee so everyone can give it a try. Simply purchase and use the iderma as directed. If you're seeing better, smoother, younger-looking skin in 60 days just call us to arrange a return and full refund.

      Easy-to-use, affordable and guaranteed... what do you have to lose?

      How to use

      The iderma is fully adjustable to fit any head size and is very easy to use. Simply plug it in, put it on and push the “start” button. That’s it! The iderma will count down and turn itself off 8 minutes later.

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    • What else you need to know

      'My friends started telling me I’m looking good after the first month, and it keeps getting better. I’m so excited!' -JS (age 67)

      'I’m getting a lot of compliments like "You look so young!” I can't wait to see how much more difference it will make in the coming months.' -EC, age 47

      'My wife and I have both been using iderma together for a few months- smoother skin and less lines around the eyes. Our 4 grown kids are telling us we’re both looking good.' -RW, age 66

      'I like that I can do this at home in only 8 minutes. My skin definitely feels softer and looks more husband noticed too and says I look great!" -JC, age 37

      'A friend I hadn't seen for a couple months asked if I'd been on vacation because I looked so much more rested! Even my daughter thinks I look more youthful and radiant.' -Laura B (age 62)

      'I just love my iderma... aside from the fact my face feels tighter and my eye lines look diminished, it's like a quick therapy when I get home after work!' -JB, age 50


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