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These Products Are Totally Disrupting The Beauty Industry

Sarah Healy
Beauty Editor
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Topic: Beauty
September 10, 2018 11:04
  • It's 2018. We've made so much progress in technology and science, so that progress should be reflected in our beauty products, right? Not always. Most of us are still using the same old boring products we've been using for ages. But it's time to make a change and start taking risks with our beauty products and tools. Here are our just some of our favorite groundbreaking beauty products that will change the way you apply your makeup forever.

    blendSMART Rotating Makeup Brush
    Throw away your boring old foundation brush or beauty sponge, because a new technologically advanced makeup brush is coming to take over your beauty routine. blendSMART is the first rotating makeup brush that delivers a flawless finish regardless of your skin type, makeup brand or skill level. Its 190 RPM rotation delivers consistent, flawless coverage that makes applying makeup SO EASY. The all-in-one brush has interchangeable brush heads that distribute less makeup for a more natural coverage while reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores. Just turn it on and watch it blend your foundation better than your beautyblender ever could.

    Use the code OPRAH 9/13-16 to get 20% off all blendSMART products!

    Chella Heated Eyelash Curler
    Ever heard of a heated eyelash curler? No? Well once you try Chella's, you'll never use a traditional lash curler again. Chella's Heated Eyelash curler gives every type of lash - short, stubborn, you name it - everyone's *dream curl*. Without pinching our pulling at your lids, the heated curler gently heats the mascara to create a lift and curl that opens up your eyes, giving a wide-awake could-be-falsies look without much effort.

    Cat Eye 101
    ABLE Cosmetics' Cat Eye 101 is a fudge-proof liquid eyeliner that comes with a traceable rubber edge that guides to you to an even, sharp cat eye every. single. time. As InStyle Magazine said, it "create[s] cat eyes on autopilot." Who doesn't want perfect cat eyes, even when they're still half asleep?

    Hello Beautiful Collagen & Multivitamin Powder

    With collagen supplements taking the beauty industry by storm, you're probably wondering what the deal is. Collagen makes up most of your skin structure – about 75%. Unfortunately, your body slows its production starting in your 20s.

    Oral collagen supplements have risen to popularity thanks to their collagen-replenishing effects. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marie Jhin says, "Collagen also boasts anti-inflammatory benefits, which can make skin look healthier and younger." You can look to Musely's Hello Beautiful Collagen & Multivitamin Powder to add skin-saving collagen to your diet. Hello Beautiful utilizes Beauty Boost, a proprietary blend shown to increase dermal collagen 3x. Zinc, biotin, and vitamin C also work hard to keep skin looking young.
  • blendSMART is the first rotating makeup brush that delivers a flawless finish regardless of your skin type, makeup brand or skill level.
    Heated Eyelash Curler
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    Say goodbye to crimping, pinching, and breaking! This sleek, safe and gentle heating wand delivers maximum curl without damaging your delicate lashes.
    Cat Eye 101
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    CatEye101 is a long-lasting liquid eyeliner with a traceable rubber edge attached to the lid. CatEye101 was designed to provide you with comfort and ease when creating a symmetrical cat eye. Just line, place & trace! Viola!
    Hello Beautiful - Collagen & Multivitamin Powder (Box of 20)
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    Subscription options available: up to 33% off
    Firm, healthy skin isn’t achieved with collagen alone. Hello Beautiful unlocks collagen’s true potential with Beauty Boost, a revolutionary jasmine green tea and black pepper formula that enables collagen to work faster—so you can say hello to firm, bouncy skin sooner. Hello Beautiful is rounded out with skin and body-nourishing vitamins to help you feel on top of your game, inside and out.


22,441 Reviews

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