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Which of these skin darkening symptoms do you have?

  • Age/sun spots
  • Melasma
  • Acne scars
  • Others

    What is hyperpigmentation?

    Hyperpigmentation occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that's produced to protect against harsh UV rays, is produced in the skin.

    Why should I care?

    Age/sun spots

    Also called liver spots and solar lentigines — are small dark areas on your skin. They usually appear on the body areas most exposed to the sun.


    Melasma can form on the skin for several reasons such as, sun exposure, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and heat. It's harder to treat due to pigment being deeper within the skin. Usually a medicine promotes skin cell turnover while also reducing hyper pigmentation is needed to treat it.

    Acne scars

    Acne scars are caused from the inflammation from a pimple or a cyst. The inflammation if untreated leads to scarring.

    While hyperpigmentation does not inherently increase skin cancer risk, it can make skin cancer harder to spot or even lead to misdiagnosis of existing ones.

    Prescription medication can remove hyperpigmentation

    Topical prescription medication works by suppressing and fading the pigment-producing cells such as melanin causing pigment to fade as well as preventing it from getting worse.

    It works even better than laser treatments. It's cheaper, less invasive, and results can be seen in a couple weeks.

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    • Before
    • After 2 weeks
    Holley C
    "This spot cream has changed my life!!! I suffer from Melasma and I have been using the spot cream for only 2 weeks and my Melasma is almost completely INVISIBLE! I literally almost cried yesterday when I was getting ready looking at the dramatic difference. I have been so self conscious for years. Thank you thank you thank you."
    • Before
    • After 1 month
    Cherry J 53 - Los Altos Hills, CA
    "I have melasma for years & spent over thousands of dollars in laser, which didn't really help. The spot cream did the impossible! My skin is much clearer, brighter now and my friends can’t believe how great my skin looks."

    If you use the medication together with the Musely app’s eNurse check-up program for 60 days and are not satisfied with your results, we will refund you the full cost of the medication. The doctor’s fee is non-refundable as prohibited by law. Medication also cannot be returned, by law. Some side effects are expected. Risks and side effects of Treatment include but are not limited to: redness, dryness, peeling, warmth, itching, irritation and/or allergic reaction.

    Real People, Real Results

    Before/After Photos
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Cornell University School of Medicine
    • Dr. Jhin is the skin care expert of Silicon Valley, and has been featured in numerous magazines including Seventeen, Oprah and New Beauty magazine as well as on the local news,... more TV shows. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and member of the Women’s Dermatologic Society. She has been rated as America’s Top Doctor for the past 3 years and is on the Who’s Who list. She is the recipient of the Asian Women in Business Entrepreneur Leadership Award in 2011. Dr. Jhin is the author of a new book titled “Asian Beauty Secrets”.
    • Dr. Janine Miller
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Harvard Medical School
    • Dr. Ravi Ubriani
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Perelman School of Medicine
    • Dr. Sandra Kopp
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • UMDNJ-RWJ Medical School
    • Tunisia Finch Cornelius
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Medical College of Georgia
    • Marc (MJ) Serota
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • University of Missouri
    • Farhaad Riyaz
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Medical College of Virginia
    • Brooke Walls
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Ramin Fathi
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Rush Medical College
    • Mouhammad Aouthmany
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Northeast Ohio Medical University
    • David Martell
    • Board Certified Dermatologist
    • Midwestern University
    • Reduce
    • melanin
    • in skin

    UV rays from the sun cause damage to the skin, resulting in the over production of melanin which appear as dark spots.

    The Spot Cream works by blocking the formation of melanin, and fading existing dark spots.

    Reducing melanin is crucial to lighten:

    • Age Spots
    • Age spots - also called liver spots and solar lentigines - are small dark areas on your skin. They usually appear on the body areas most exposed to the sun.
    • Melasma
    • Melasma is a common skin problem. It causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face. Women are far more likely than men to get melasma.
    • Acne Scars
    • Acne scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.
    Product Details
    What's The Spot Cream? (30ml)
    It's a no-nonsense prescription dark spot correcting cream packed with hydroquinone and powerful skin brightening ingredients that fade dark spots and brighten the complexion.
    The Spot Cream comes in 4 Formulations
    • Erase

      Pigments & melasma

      Dosage info

      Erase (Pigments & melasma)
      Hydroquinone 12%
      Kojic Acid 6%
      Niacinamide 2%
      Hydrocortisone 2.5% (for Initial 2-month only)
    • Nurture

      Skin upkeep

      Dosage info

      Nurture (Skin upkeep)
      Hydroquinone 6%
      Vitamin C 1%
      Niacinamide 2%
    • HQ Free

      No Hydroquinone

      Dosage info

      HQ Free (No Hydroquinone)
      Azelaic Acid 20%
      Kojic Acid 6%
      Vitamin C 1%
      Niacinamide 2%
    • M+

      Stubborn spots

      Dosage info

      M+ (Stubborn spots)
      Hydroquinone 12%
      Tretinoin 0.05%
      Kojic Acid 6%
      Niacinamide 2%
      Hydrocortisone 2.5% (for Initial 2-month only)
    How to use the Spot Cream?
    After washing your face, apply two pumps of The Spot Cream onto your palm and gently rub into the skin, avoiding sensitive areas. Follow it up with your favorite moisturizer.
    Potential side-effects:
    • Azelaic Acid: burning, stinging, itching, dryness, redness, peeling
    • Hydroquinone: dermatitis, mild skin irritation and sensitization, dryness, redness, ochronosis
    • Tretinoin: burning, stinging, dryness, redness
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